30 Day Challenge – Week 3 –

So a third of the way through now and I will say that this week has been challenging – not so much because of the looks I had to complete, but more because of trying to stay on top of it with a hectic work schedule. Hope you like what you see…

Day 15. Fancy Dress – Luckily for me it was my gorgeous friend Sarah’s 30th and she was having a fancy dress – the theme: Red! After much thought I remembered this face chart Ihad seen that MAC had created for The Ace of Hearts. As I had always wanted to recreate it, what better time than now! So off I went to the MAC Pro store to source some form of body paint. I actually ended up going with the MAC Chrome Cakes. When sprayed directly with MACs FIX Plus they are able to be used just like face paint – except that the finish is matt and doesnt crack like regular face paint does. I took a red and a black in the chrome cakes however they didnt have any white 😥 So I had to think outside the box. I needed something that was going to give me a fairly white base so I ended up going to The Makeup Store and purchasing a High Tech Lighter in INSERT COLOUR NAME HERE and a Microshadow in colour White. So here is how I completed my look… hope you like it 🙂

collage_fancy dress

1. While I love my thick dark brows, by no means can they just be covered up with a little foundation or white paint. So I needed something more dense – to block out my eye brow I took a glue stick I had at home and went over my brow with it, then taking little chunks off the stick I patted it down over my brow to cover it completely. When it was all covered I left it to set and to get nice and hard

2. Then, taking a pan cake type foundation in a neutral colour, I patted that over the top of the glue to blend it in with my skin

3. Once that was dried, I primed my face by using my Embryolisse 24Hr Miracle Cream and applied Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation (in True Beige) mixed with MAC Strobe Cream using my Beauty Blender sponge

4. To create the card I took my High Tech Lighter in INSERT COLOUR NAME HERE by The Makeup Store and patted that down over my eye and over my eyebrow to outline the shape for the card

5. I then went over the top of that with Microshadow in White by The Makeup Store which left me with a lovely pearly white colour instead of a flat white effect which is what I would have had if I’d used a face paint or something like that

6. Taking my MAC Chrome Cake in Red I spritzed it with MAC Fix Plus spray took a brush (an old paint brush I had lying around I would advise NOT using your good eyeliner brushes) and painted on the A’s and the hearts – top and bottom. Taking the Black Chrome Cake and using the same spray I then outlined the whole card

7. Moving over to my other eye I applied Bobbi Brown’s Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Starry Night 5 all over my lid and blended it up into my crease. Taking a black shimmery shadow from my Coastal Scents 252 ulitmate palette I applied that over the top of the cream shadow

8. Warmed up my crease using MACs Cork and applied my Goddess Mascara by http://www.eyeofhorus.com.au/ to my lashes

9. Taking a random pair of bold lashes I had by http://modelrocklashes.com/ (sorry they’re really old and I dont think they make them anymore) I applied them to the one eye

10. finsihing off my look I contoured my cheeks using a dark cream foundation from my MAQ Pro from the 6 colour Fard Creme Foundation palette, and applied MAC’s Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul using MAC’s Soft and Gentle to highlight my cheekbone. Applied MAC’s Russian Red to my lips and voilà I was ready!

Day 16. Bold is Gold – this look is based around a bright bold coloured lip. A lot of people when they think bold lip automatically think red, or pink. However I wanted to go a slightly different route and went with a bright coral red shade and kept my eyes very simple….

pop of colour

1. Primed my eyes with MAC’s paint pot in Soft Ochre

2. Using MAC’s Naked Lunch all over my lid and a little up into my brow bone

3. Cut my crease with Espresso by MAC

4. Lined my lid using my Liquid Define Liner and coating my lashes using my Goddess Mascara both by Eye of Horus

5. Lastly I applied YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in no. 12 Corail Incandescent

Day 17. Memoirs of a Geisha – Loved changing up this red lip by adding a rich gold centre…

memoirs of a geisha.jpg

1. Primed my lips with Lucas Paw Paw Ointment

2. Used Gorgeous Cosmetics lipstick in colour Bollywood and applied that all over my lips

3. Then using a flat eye brush – took MAC’s Old Gold pigment, laying it down gently & patting a thin layer of pigment onto my top lip

4. Then applied it to the bottom lip- I repeated this step 2more times so as to intensify the gold effect

5. I then used my new YSL Touché Éclat Radiant Touch to highlight and sharpen up the edges of my lips. I used my new cannon slr camera and editing software to get this shot – what a difference! I was able to get a much clearer and closer shot

Day 18. Fresh off the Runway – For today’s look my inspiration comes from Betsey Johnson’s 2012 Spring runway show. I remember seeing this and instantly I fell in love with it. I love the statement the bright lips make and teamed with the simple highlighting under the eye – gorgeous!

fresh off the runway

1. Primed my eyes with MACs paint pot in Painterly and placed MAC’s Nylon over my lid and up to my brow bone

2. Cut my crease with a mixture of MAC’s Espresso and Papaya from the Sigma Resort Palette

3. Lined my lower lash line with gold end of Sigma’s Brow highlighting pencil

4. I then went over the top of that with Luna from the same Resort palette

5. Lining my lid using my new favorite liner Liquid Define Eye liner by Eye of Horus Mascara

6. Finishing off my eyes with my new mascara again by Eye of Horus Mascara

7. For the final touch on my lips I used a combination of St Germain and Candy Yum Yum both by MAC.

Day 19. Here comes the bride – If I were getting married this would be the look I would go for – slightly smokey but not too harsh or dramatic. I want to look like me, just the best possible version 😉

here comes the bride

1. Primed my eye with MACs paint pot in Painterly and applied Naked Lunch by MAC, all over my lid and up to my brow bone

2. Cut my crease with Espresso by MAC

3. From the Sigma Resort Palette I took the colour Moonbeam and softly blended that just above my crease

4. I highlighted my tear duct with Napoleon Loose Dust in no. 37

5. Lining my lashes with Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eye liner, flicking it out to create a subtle cat eye effect

6. Coated my lashes using Goddess Mascara again by Eye of Horus

7. Finished off by applying my Model Rock lashes in style Miss Rosie to add a little extra flare to the outer corners of my eye.

For my base I kept it very light and natural, but made sure that I still had good coverage – so for this I used my Beauty Blender together with MAC Face & Body foundation. On my cheeks I used MACs Mineralize blush in Warm Soul and highlighted my cheekbones with MAC’s Soft and Gentle. On my lips I used MACs Cremesheen lipstick in the shade Shy Girl with MAC lipglass in the shade Cultured over the top.

Day 20. Bedazzle – this is not something for the every day – but maybe for a little fun, or fancy dress.


1. Primed my eye with MACs paint pot in Painterly

2. Applied a maroon coloured shadow by Kiko (Italian makeup brand) all over my lid

3. Cut my crease with a mixture of MACs Cork and Quarry

4. Highlighted my tear duct with Naked Lunch and Napoleon’s Loose Dust in no. 37

5. Lined my lid with Rimmels Glam Eyes Liquid Liner in black and dragged it out for a more dramatic cat eye effect

6. I then pressed on some Manicare Glam Eyes Crystal Face Jewels along top my eyeliner

7. Finished off by coating my lashes with Chanel’s Inimitable mascara in black

Day 21. Crazy Lines – added a little extra pizazz to my usual liner today…

crazy lines

1. Primed my eye with MAC’s paint pot in Soft Ochre and placed MAC’s Blanc Type all over my lid and up to my brow bone

2. I then cut my crease using my favourite combination of Cork and Quarry both by MAC

3. Lined my lid using Rimmel’s Glam Eyes Liquid Liner in black flicking it outwards to create a cat eye effect

4. Taking Sephoras liquid Glitter Eyeliner in Gold I placed a line along the top of my black line and followed the same cat eye flick

5. Finishing off the eyes by coating them with Goddess Mascara by Eye of Horus.

Day 22. Blue Lagoon – there’s something about a deep blue smokey eye that I find super sexy. I was wearing all black that night and I wanted to wear a smokey eye but didnt want to do black as I would have felt like some sort of Goth Emo wannabe.

blue lagoon

1. Primed my eye with MACs paint pot in Painterly

2. Used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Peacock placing it all over my lid and blended it up to my crease

3. Using MAC’s Freshwater placing that over the top then using Contrast over the top to smoke it up a bit

4. Taking MAC’s Cork placing it in my crease to soften it up

5. Taking the same NYX jumbo pencil lined my lower lash line, sealing it with MACs Contrast

6. Finished up by lining my lids using Liquid Define Liner and coating my lashes using the Goddess Mascara both byy Eye of Horus.

Day 23. Disco Tech – glitter glitter glitter – Who doesn’t love glitter? I know I do. So seeing as today was SUPER gloomy and rainy, it seemed fitting to add a little sparkle to help brighten it up. I do have to say this was my favourite look of the week…


1. Primed my eye using MACs paint pot in Painterly

2. Placed MAC’s Jest all over my lid

3. Cutting my crease using MACs Cork and Haux

4. Applied a bit of Duo lash glue on my lid then quickly patted the glitter (sorry don’t know the brand I’ve had it forever) over the glue

5. Taking Rimmels Glam Eyes liquid liner in black I line my lid flicking outwards to create a cat eye effect

6. Coating my lashes using my Goddess Mascara by Eye of Horus

7. Applied a pair of No.1 lashes from Lashes in a Box (http://www.lashesinabox.com/)

8. Finished off by lining my lower lash line using Carbon by Mac.

So there we have it babes, week 3 down! This was probably one of the more fun and testing weeks of the challenge. I’ve loved every day having to do something new and think of how I am going to try and incorporate that into my working life. So I hope you stay tuned for the final installment. I have also started to used my beautiful DSLR camera so I am looking forward to being able to produce much better quality pictures for my blog and portfolio 🙂 Hope to hear from you and would love any feedback

Till next week xoxo

7 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Week 3 –

  1. Was hoping for some advice? 🙂 When you’re wearing bold blue eye make-up, what do you think the best thing to do with cheeks is? Looking for alternatives to my usual as I feel ‘overdone’ with blush.

    Also, I only use Dior/Chanel nailpolish at the moment – do you consider OPI to be comparable? Hoping to expand my colour range with limited (ie no) funds.

    TIA for any tips x

    • Hey love,

      Well personally I feel naked without blush, so if I’m wearing a smokey eye or have a bright colour I tend to reach for my holy grail blush: MAC’s Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul. I feel I can safely say this shade will suit any skin-tone. It gives a soft, natural glow to the cheeks, so for those who don’t care for TOO much color on the cheeks, or if you want a blush for a smokey eye look – this blush is for you 🙂

      Personally I adore OPI nailpolish – the quality is great, the colour range is second to none and don’t EVEN get me started on the cute names they all have 🙂 so I would highly recommend these – hope I’ve been of some help my love xox

  2. Hi Monica, I can vouch for the Warm Soul. I have a very very fair complexion and wear this colour everyday! Krystle is the one who turned me on to it 🙂

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